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The Weymouth harbour atmosphere

Weymouth harbour is nestled in the centre of this beautiful seaside town and is for many, its crowning glory. At the height of summer, you won't find anywhere busier than the picturesque Weymouth old harbour with its historic buildings on both sides, from quaint and colourful Weymouth harbour cottages to fashionable pubs right on the harbourside. Whether you are using a Weymouth harbour mooring, staying at a harbourside cottage or are simply visiting for the day, throughout the summer, Weymouth harbour ouses a wonderful holiday atmosphere.

Weymouth harbour past

Weymouth harbour is split into two distinct areas, the part between the harbourmouth and Weymouth town bridge is known as Weymouth old harbour, while the rest of the harbour behind the bridge is more of a modern marina style harbour. The River Wey feeds into Weymouth harbour and it is around this that the town has prospered throughout the centuries. From starting out, one can imagine as an important source for fishing and simple trade, the town as grown around it into what we see today. There is evidence of Roman galleys sailing up Weymouth harbour/the river Wey all the way to Radipole lake to land supplies for distribution by road further inland. In later centuries, Weymouth harbour has been known as the port through which the black death arrived in England, it has supplied boats for Dunkirk and been used by the army for D-Day preparations and also used to provide a regular crossing for the Weymouth to the Channel Islands ferry - the now disused Weymouth tramway used to ferry passengers to the harbour station.

Weymouth harbour boat rides

Today Weymouth harbour is still a very busy harbour, from providing Weymouth harbour moorings that are ever popular for visiting sailing yachts and motor cruisers to simply being a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the view. Still a busy fishing port, its common to see Weymouth fishing boats using the harbour to unload the days catch, the harbour today is very leisure based, from Weymouth boat trips - the Weymouth to Portland ferry, Weymouth RIB rides, cruises around the Jurassic coast to a Weymouth seafishing trip or a trip on one of the dive boats or even the novelty of a row boat ride on the Weymouth harbour ferry from one side of the harbour to the other, there is something for everyone

Staying around Weymouth harbour

Weymouth harbour lies at the heart of Weymouth, the town is built around the harbour with fashionable restaurants and bars on both sides as well as traditional old inns and fish and chip shops. Eating fish and chips around the harbour is a tradition of the English holiday and there are many Weymouth fish and chip shops to keep up the tradition. If you plan to spend your holidays around the harbour, there is plenty of accomodation - Weymouth harbour cottages can be let for self catering whilst there are also a number of Weymouth harbour guesthouses with many more dotted along Weymouth seafront and around the side streets. Weymouth is a small town and wherever you stay, you should be in reach of all the main highlights. The old harbour is situated at the centre of the town, the golden sands of Weymouth beach are just across the harbour while the Nothe Fort and gardens, Newtons Cove and Hope Square are just off the other side of Weymouth harbour.

Weymouth harbour festivals

Throughout the season, there are many Weymouth harbour festivals and free events - the seafood festival and the folk festival are ever popular, while the Weymouth carnival and music by the harbourside also ensure Weymouth harbour is the place to be, there is often live music on Hope Square as well. Throughout the summer, Weymouth old harbour is always busy as tourists enjoy the beautiful setting with fish and chips and drinks readily available by the harbourside, there are many Weymouth harbour pubs situated right on the harbourside from traditional inns to modern bars to choose from while crab fishing along the harbour walls is ever popular with adults and children alike.

Weymouth harbour cottages and buildings

Both sides of Weymouth harbour feature a number of beautiful old buildings from the the colourful Weymouth harbour cottages on Nothe Parade - once home to the many fishermen who made their living around the Dorset coast, there is the Lifeboat station, old listed inns and the Weymouth Tudor House - once a wealthy merchants house and now a museum. Weymouth town bridge is an ever popular sight as it lifts to allow boats between both sides of the harbour. Weymouth harbour moorings offer a popular place to stop off for pleasure crafts as well as the many Weymouth fishing boats, sailing clubs and training ships that use the harbour. Weymouth tall ships of years gone by often moor up in the harbour too and sometimes tours of such ships are available.

Weymouth harbour pictures and things to do

There simply is no better place in Weymouth to be after a summers day spent down on the golden sands of weymouth beach than on the harbourside in one of the many pubs or restaurants found nestled along the beautiful Weymouth harbour. A walk around Weymouth old harbour makes you feel every bit like you are in an old English unspoilt seaside resort. Browse through our selection of Weymouth harbour pictures to see some the charm the harbour has on offer and look out for tips of things to see and do around Weymouth harbour.

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