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Weymouth Veterans Day Parade

Weymouth Veterans Day Parade - The Veterans day Parade 2017
Weymouth veterans day parade 2017 took place on Sunday 18th June in glorious sunshine along Weymouths sweeping esplanade with activities and stalls along Weymouth seafront and a performance from the military band in front of Weymouth pavilion. Weymouth veterans day parade is an annual fixture in the Weymouth events calendar and celebrates Weymouths rich military history throughout the wars and peacetime with veterans of all ages parading along the esplanade. This years event as well as veterans and military vehicles parading along Weymouth seafront included stalls set up along the esplanade, military vehicles on display along the seafront and on Weymouth beach and patriotic music from the military band playing in front of Weymouth pavilion. Each year Weymouth pays tribute to the veterans that have given so much in keeping our country safe and free in this way with the Weymouth Veterans day parade.