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Weymouth Beach Seal

Weymouth Beach Seal - The local Weymouth Seal

The Weymouth beach seal

Sammy the seal on weymouth beach (as he has been affectionately named) has been a regular visitor to Weymouth beach through the recent summer months. The Weymouth beach seal has been spotted in various places along beach, the photos here show him resting on Greenhill beach where he is happily being left alone.

Where can I see the Weymouth seal?

The Weymouth seal has been spotted both on the beach and in the water and is proving quite the attraction, regularly attracting crowds however it is important not to approach Sammy, it may be tempting to get close to the Weymouth seal but as a wild animal he needs to be left alone, he can bite and getting close can also cause the seal harm. If you want to see the seal on Weymouth beach, he seems to stay around the Greenhill area of the beach (along the stretch of beach that runs near Greenhill gardens). Please stay a good distance away if you do spot our Weymouth seal so as not to scare him or put him in danger.

Sammy the Weymouth beach seal and Danny the Weymouth harbour dolphin!

Weymouth isn't just a popular holiday resort for people, the Weymouth beach seal isn't the only wild animal spotted around Weymouth. Danny the dolphin is also a regular feature often spotted in Weymouth harbour and out in the bay. At the moment we don't have any pictures of the local Weymouth dolphin. For more wildlife, Weymouth has Lodmoor country park and Radipole Lake nature reserve as well as the Nothe Gardens - all home to plenty of wildlife and birds. The Fleet nature reserve isn't far for a visit, in fact there are plenty of Dorset nature reserves and opportunities to spot wildlife throughout Dorset, along the Wareham River, Abbotsbury swannery, Tyneham village and Portland all offer the opportunity to spot more wildlife and birds.